I am pleased and proud to announce the launch of my new book “Work It Out: A Survival Guide To The Modern Relationship”, out now and available on Amazon.  This has been a project that I have been working on for some time now, and it is based on my work with couples in the clinical setting.  I hope that my readers will find some beneficial information as I discuss the most common themes that I see when couples are seeking help with their primary relationships.  I have compiled some of the insights and strategies that I use to work with couples who are facing problems with issues like communication, partnership, intimacy, and conflict resolution.  While all relationships are unique and have different dynamics and needs, I present the most important skills and considerations that I use to help couples when they are trying to work things out.  I appreciate so very much the people who have supported and encouraged me throughout this process.  The book is available now on Amazon in e-book or paperback form, and I will be working on expanding the availability of the book on other platforms in the coming months.  Click on the link in my About the Author page to purchase!

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